Using your phone camera properly; start using y'brains, peeps..!

Being serious just for a moment, this whole nude celebrity thing brings a very real concern to the fore, and it's got absolutely nothing to do with hacking, theft or even privacy... it has everything to do with common sense.

The advent of social media, and our acceptance & adoption of digital technology in general, affords us all the opportunity to use our brains when employing the toys now available to us.

The current propagation of endless naked photographs of celebrities only makes me think "what on earth were you thinking?!?". How inebriated / insecure and / or horny were you that in that moment you just HAD to snap yourself neked on a device that invariably connects to the Internet..?

If you have half a brain you're already benefitting from the notion that social media in its broadest sense forces us to think very carefully about broadcasting our inner-most thoughts & utterances... for most of us it's an opportunity to think twice before we deliver a missive that might offend someone we care for, or be construed (fairly or otherwise) as casually racist or sexist.

Many of you may be surprised that I do in fact censor myself continually, and in all seriousness I feel it's made me a little bit of a better person for it. If we were all to apply that sense of consideration for others’ feelings in our everyday "real world" interactions, just imagine what a more pleasant place that would be!

It is this level of thought & care that should, in my humble opinion, underpin every single tweet, staus update & photo-share undertaken on your chosen social platforms, as well as inform a more judicious use of phone and digital cameras – both at home and in public.