South London is where the heart is!

Another interesting article in last week's @theipaper drew attention to the steady rise in the number of large scale utopian HQs being built by the major technology giants.

Whilst ostensibly places of wonder and inspiration, the suggestion is that these constructions often appear to herald financial collapse of the commissioning empire. There are cases cited to support the "skyscraper index" – the unscientific theory that suggests that when a corporation starts investing in huge building projects then collapse is imminent – and to small agencies like 3B Digital this is of special interest as we plan for future growth (albeit on a far smaller scale!).

I couldn't possibly comment on the veracity of this premise, but the idea of a sprawling out-of-town campus is not one that attracts us; @jackbremer & I especially delight in running an office in the heart of London, surrounded as we are by great bars, restaurants, inspirational architecture and the like. I can't imagine uprooting our staff from this wonderful part of the metropolis and dragging them to the wastes of the English countryside, even if we did have our own café on campus!

To be involved in an exciting, creative local scene means everything to us; to be able to source the wide variety of skills available here in Battersea & Wandsworth via tweet-ups, meet-ups and the collaborating pitch process means far more to us than having these skills held captive within some monolithic mega-dome, and our involvement in the Silicon Junction project certainly bears this out.

Onwards and upwards, dot-comrades!