ERTL Design joins Silicon Junction

It was terrific to meet Philipp Ertl yesterday; Director at ERTL Design in Clapham. Philipp runs a small consultancy serving some big clients! We absolutely loved his portfolio, and his approach to brand and design is just wonderful.

Philipp was very interested in the unique ethos of collaboration and cooperation that we're nurturing at Silicon Junction, and I know that he'll be contacting fellow members of the collective to see how they can work together. Indeed, in the middle of the meeting here at 3B Digital, our great comrade in arms, Sigh Jones (@sighjones) from The Buro turned up and the two of them immediately engaged in an animated (sic) chat regarding embossing blocks... which was perhaps a little more interesting than I'm making it sound.

We welcome Philipp to the collective, and very much look forward to working with him in the future!