Curve Visual Trends

The Curve, Getty Images’ new online publication is a remarkable resource that companies can tap into to transform their visual content. It sources the latest trends and tracks the evolution of visual communications from industry to industry.

Getty, a pioneer in supplying imagery has started using this medium to share the benefit of their experience on visual trends, positively influencing the way companies view their visual communications in particular but how they communicate their brand in general.

An interesting article on the website shows the important role visual content plays, not just in marketing and external communications, but in scenario planning and strategy, particularly within the energy industry.

Visualising the future is crucial to scenario planning; these scenarios are expressed in images and graphics and help companies visualise the future more clearly.

Southerly Communications’ lead designer Anna Moumtzidou, an advocate for engaging and innovative visual content says, “A company’s visual communications strategy should be dynamic and engaging, but more than that it should give people a better understanding of your brand’s identity.

If you have to communicate large amounts of data, try using infographics to condense it into a visually pleasing, easily absorbable format.

Whether your visual content is communicated internally or externally, remember to keep the audience central as this will help you tailor the content accordingly.”