Christmas Junction

So... Christmas is coming; a time of year that takes on an extra resonance & excitement as my toddlers have become proper little people - excited and thrilled as each store and business in and around Clapham Junction starts to get in the seasonal spirit. As a business owner I find myself especially excited at the prospect of what delights Wandsworth Council (@wandbc) and Emma Jane Clark from Gertrude & Ivy (@GoldiChocChick) have in store for us all this year!

Over Christmas last year the Junction was a terrific place to be; Emma had organised no end of special attractions and events for residents and businesses alike to revel in. I'm aware that the riots that had taken place earlier in the Summer had left those of us who witnessed the carnage with a vigorous determination to celebrate all that is wonderful about this very special part of London, and there was a tangible sense of gritted resilience that flavoured the very real bon-homie.

This year I would like to issue a call to action to all of us engaged in the Digital Industries that make up the Silicon Junction community: let's get solidly behind Emma and her team to attend and enjoy the events over the Holidays and benefit from the extraordinary networking opportunities that are presented to us as a business community in this Borough.