Christmas at Silicon Junction

Christmas has seen quite a lot of events happen around Battersea, with some of them adopting more traditional methods of promotion than others. This year we noticed that events like the White Christmas Fair and the Hanne & Co. Charity Auction are using social media to promote their events very effectively.

The Hanne & Co. Charity Auction created a one minute video especially for their event, which conveys all of the information about the auction in a very pleasing manner. With a soundtrack of cheerful Christmas music, the video reinforces all of the focal points of the auction with both images and text. The video shows pictures of venue ‘The Bank’ pub, of their own offices, and images of patients and nurses in the Trinity Hospice - the cause which they are raising money for at the auction.

Hanne & Co. have essentially created a piece of very shareable content, which will tell prospective guests everything that they need to know about the charity event. Their employees would have shared it via email among their own circles and contacts, and it is easy to upload and share via Facebook or Twitter.

The White Christmas Fair have used cross-promotion and partner marketing to spread their message around social networks. For example, they have been seen to share a link via Twitter and their Facebook page, to their Pinterest boards with titles such as ‘Gifts for Kids at the Fair’, thus mentioning multiple participants who will have stalls the event, causing them to RT and share this collage style content.

Pinterest and Facebook were also valuable tools in the promotion strategy for these kind of events. The White Christmas Fair team took full advantage of all Pinterest’s new features, including adding maps to boards. Their Facebook page garnered almost 800 likes in a month, as they used Facebook ads to their advantage to bring in a new audience and stay front of mind with boosted posts to those who have already Liked their page. These kind of paid promotional campaigns are much cheaper than traditional print campaigns and can reach a far larger and more relevant audience.

So it’s time to reward these social media whiz-kids by attending their events. The White Christmas Fair event is taking place this Sunday the 8th of December in TESTBED1 on Parkgate Road from 11am-6pm. The Hanne & Co. Charity Auction will take place in The Bank on Northcote Road on Monday the 9th of December, kicking off at 6pm. But of course, you probably know these details already from all their hard work!