Advertising spend growing at fastest rate for 13 years

@theipaper today reports that "Advertising spend is growing at the fastest rate for 13 years". This interests me especially since we have suddenly (in the last 2 or 3 weeks) seen a huge increase in the number of "sensible" budget Request for Proposals (RFPs).

The simple truth is that the recent years of recession have been very kind to the Digital Marketing industry; as traditional marketing budgets have been squeezed (as you would expect) so Digital spend has increased enormously. Our own growth experience at 3B Digital has certainly borne this out, and we have benefited hugely from the forced acceptance by industry of the increased ROI and value for money that Digital Marketing offers.

An increase in overall advertising spend will now surely benefit the Digital agencies also; barely a campaign project is delivered these days without heavy and impactful Digital elements, and every Digital agency must now be prepared to deliver solutions that embrace the Social platforms and properly exploit web technologies.

I look on the sort of article that appears in today's paper as a call to action; a clear indicator that agencies large and small must get their houses in order and be prepared to work collaboratively and efficiently so that we might respond successfully to the sudden influx of RFPs that are currently cluttering our desks...

This is especially relevant to the Silicon Junction community, and I look to each and every participant in the project to pull together to ensure that any organisation looking to properly exploit Digital need look no further than this green and pleasant corner of Central London.