A terrific White Paper from Southerly on "Measuring the ROI on Content Marketing"

Our great friends at Southerly have produced a wonderful document to outline the seemingly impossible task of quantifying the Return On Investment (ROI) of Content Marketing.

This "Holy Grail" of marketing measures seems so elusive sometimes, and the challenge of so many agencies is simply to solicit a "leap of faith" in our clients as regards its measure of success.

But increasingly we can apply Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), reports and a fair measure of common sense to engender a sense of security in the brands that engage us.

"Our brand new, free-to-download whitepaper 'The ROI of Content Marketing' will give content managers the tools and the business case to go to the company bosses, demonstrating exactly how you can show ROI on creative digital content better than with other form of marketing before it."

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