Shreena Soomarah

Newtown Street
London, SW11 5HH

Tel: +44 (0) 7939 021186

In the years since graduating from the University of Leeds School of Fine Art, Shreena has worked on projects spanning interior design, project management, digital marketing, video editing, DVD production, broadcast media, and PR. She is currently based in London, where she is the sole trader of a writing business providing features articles, copy, and press releases to clients worldwide. In 2009 she became producer of Another Version of the Truth, a community project that has been hailed as not only a revolution for the music industry in an age of digital piracy and new media, but technologically progressive for the means of production and distribution that were used.

Shreena is proactive, methodical, and project-driven, and continues to take on volunteer roles alongside her “day job”.   She has worked in both the UK and in France, is multilingual, and holds a typing speed of 71wpm.

In between work and sleep, she is an occasional blogger, and takes every opportunity to wear out her passport.  Shreena can guide you around many of the world’s cities blindfolded and finds no contradiction in liking both Kylie Minogue and Nine Inch Nails.