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We are offering a variety of professionally drafted and tailored discounted business contracts packages for online businesses, whatever the industry.

Whether you are established or a start-up, Hanne & Co Solicitors can provide you with lawyers who are flexible, friendly as well as unrivalled value for your legal spend!

Having properly drafted terms in place can:
•   clearly define your relationship from the outset and make for good working relations for future projects;
•   help reduce your business risk and limit your liability;
•   help protect your business against spurious claims; and,
•   ensure compliance with guidance issued by regulatory authorities such as Trading Standards, the Office of Fair Trading, and the Advertising Standards Authority.

E-commerce is a key business method used by the vast majority of organisations who operate online. Hanne & Co Solicitors can work with your business to help you to identify what type of issues to look out for and how to manage the legalities surrounding your website and your business to ensure that your business stays within the law and best practice guidelines.

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