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We know:
Social media is now firmly embraced by every successful business, brand, campaign, celebrity, television program, news source, election, catwalk show or event, you can name. As investment in social media increases, so does the competition for attention, along with the growing expectations of the online audience. Only a few years ago, the role of Social Media Manager did not exist – now there is (at least) one inside almost every organisation. 

We believe:
Daily social media activities, community management and storytelling, are most effective when delivered by you – the brand team, not a remote agency. Who can communicate with more eloquence, passion, expertise and authenticity, than those working inside an organisation? Professionals with social media remits, responsibilities and roles, want to follow the right strategy, deserve the right training, and need access to the right support.  

Our difference:
At Gertrude & Ivy, we work to empower social media managers and marketing teams. We see our role to guide, drive and improve the social media activities of our clients. We craft social media plans, we deliver practical training, and provide ongoing support. 

Our approach:
Organised in 3 key areas: Strategy – Training – Support. We write the strategy, we deliver required training, we provide ongoing campaign support, consultancy, outreach and content production services. You can find out more about the specialist social media Services from Gertrude & Ivy.