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Alex Bremer

Alex Bremer

Alex came specifically to web design in early 1998 at a time when the only web design companies were to be found within established Advertising Agencies. What seemed like a good wheeze (and a convenient and quick way to propagate pictures taken on his spangley new digital camera amongst his Internationally-dispersed family) quickly developed into a viable business proposition; "If these website thingies are so useful surely companies will want one of their own..?" From this innocent proposition has grown a web and print graphic design consultancy of global repute - a business of which he is justly proud.

Website URL: http://www.3bweb.com/meet-the-team/alex-bremer.html

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    Google has unveiled an important decision affecting all online publishers providing premium content through digital subscription paywalls: First Click Free for Publishers has ended!

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    Some really exciting news for the Clapham Junction Digital Indisustry is that support for start-up and early-stage creative businesses will be built in to the restored Battersea Art Centre (BAC) after a £538,000 grant was secured from the Mayor’s London Regeneration Fund. The new hub, which opens in 2018, will be dedicated to nurturing the borough’s many creative business start-ups.

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    aardvark360 joins Silicon Junction

    Thursday, 08 January 2015 12:49

    We met Jay Scott-Nicholls at the Christmas "meet-up" and were fascinated to hear about his business producing stunning 360 degree virtual tours - approved by and submitted to Google Maps - for embedding in websites and pages.

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    The way data is sent between your website and your browser is probably through a protocol called http, simply because that was the norm. but the norm is changing...
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    3B Digital is looking for an office manager to join our growing Digital Marketing Agency here in Battersea, Central London. The successful applicant will be part of a team passionate about delivering & supporting innovative online digital solutions, responsible for manning our reception and managing the essential office processes & related matters arising.


    Please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or see 3bweb.com/jobs for more details.

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    3B's Alex Bremer outlines a quick and simple approach to Attribution Marketing that should suit even the smallest companies & brands.

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