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The good news is: Email is Dead... almost! Featured

Tuesday, 02 May 2017 Written by  Alex Bremer

Reading the iPaper's piece by @RhiannonJudithW today about the rise of Slack I had to raise a small smile; the diminishing value and relevance of email has long been something of a cause célèbre when advising clients on their ongoing Comms strategy.

It's a tricky subject for a lot of our clients, most of whom are understandably wedded to the historical methodology of emails (as indeed are their staff both personally and professionally), but one that is becoming increasingly important to address.


This article rather disingenuously refers to email as the "cockroach of the Internet", reasoning that it's difficult to kill off (though many have tried). My own perspective is a little more appreciative I hope in so much as I feel sure that it will likely always have a place in a business' Comms arsenal, but increasingly we find ourselves advising clients to do their very best to employ alternative methods wherever feasible - especially when communicating internally and / or with existing client.


Read the full artcile here >>

Alex Bremer

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Alex Bremer

Alex came specifically to web design in early 1998 at a time when the only web design companies were to be found within established Advertising Agencies. What seemed like a good wheeze (and a convenient and quick way to propagate pictures taken on his spangley new digital camera amongst his Internationally-dispersed family) quickly developed into a viable business proposition; "If these website thingies are so useful surely companies will want one of their own..?" From this innocent proposition has grown a web and print graphic design consultancy of global repute - a business of which he is justly proud.

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