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The deep dark world of Responsive Design & Development... Featured

Monday, 20 October 2014 Written by  Alex Bremer

3B's @AdamFisher has written a super piece extolling the virtues of adopting the wonderful new world of Responsive template design.

"The internet is as in the eyes of those old enough to see its beginnings has come a long way. Actually in the last 2 years it has moved on dramatically. However don't you find having to pinch and zoom in order to view desktop only websites on responsive devices a little archaic? You are not alone. We at 3B have been using every expletive in the book in order to try and make sense of why websites like this are still being built (except for the one beginning with !! and ending with ?@*)."


Read the full article here >>

Alex Bremer

About the author

Alex Bremer

Alex came specifically to web design in early 1998 at a time when the only web design companies were to be found within established Advertising Agencies. What seemed like a good wheeze (and a convenient and quick way to propagate pictures taken on his spangley new digital camera amongst his Internationally-dispersed family) quickly developed into a viable business proposition; "If these website thingies are so useful surely companies will want one of their own..?" From this innocent proposition has grown a web and print graphic design consultancy of global repute - a business of which he is justly proud.

Website: www.3bweb.com/meet-the-team/alex-bremer.html
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