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Applying a Holistic overview to Digital & Traditional Marketing in 3 easy steps Featured

Tuesday, 30 December 2014 Written by  Alex Bremer

3B's Alex Bremer outlines a quick and simple approach to Attribution Marketing that should suit even the smallest companies & brands.

"At 3B we find ourselves increasingly guiding clients - existing and prospective - towards taking a broader and more holistic overview of their marketing strategies; looking less for a clear ROI on each and every ad investment and more towards attributing each potential “touch-point” along the consumer’s journey to conversion with a value according to that event’s perceived or actual influence upon the transaction."


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Alex Bremer

About the author

Alex Bremer

Alex came specifically to web design in early 1998 at a time when the only web design companies were to be found within established Advertising Agencies. What seemed like a good wheeze (and a convenient and quick way to propagate pictures taken on his spangley new digital camera amongst his Internationally-dispersed family) quickly developed into a viable business proposition; "If these website thingies are so useful surely companies will want one of their own..?" From this innocent proposition has grown a web and print graphic design consultancy of global repute - a business of which he is justly proud.

Website: www.3bweb.com/meet-the-team/alex-bremer.html
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