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A Provisional Mission Statement by futureshape

A Provisional Mission Statement Featured

Friday, 17 June 2011 Written by  Alex Bremer

Silicon Junction – a place that right now exists free of definition and constraint. Should we be pressed on expressing a Mission Statement, we might say that we’re looking to provide the Creative and Digital Community in and around Battersea’s Clapham Junction in Wandsworth with a lobbying voice and a platform from which to launch initiatives and large agency-type pitches in the “Real World”.

It is now well established that SW Central London accommodates a wealth of “boutique” agencies and Creatives, and Wandsworth Council especially have sought to furnish and service this industry as best it can. We feel that ultimately it falls to the Private Sector to properly and realistically address the issues that most concern this sector, and at siliconjunction.co.uk we know that in doing so we also have a very real opportunity to pull together in a collaborative way and bring substantial contracts and commissions to the companies in the area.

Jack Bremer (@jackbremer) & Alex Bremer (@alexbremer)

Alex Bremer

About the author

Alex Bremer

Alex came specifically to web design in early 1998 at a time when the only web design companies were to be found within established Advertising Agencies. What seemed like a good wheeze (and a convenient and quick way to propagate pictures taken on his spangley new digital camera amongst his Internationally-dispersed family) quickly developed into a viable business proposition; "If these website thingies are so useful surely companies will want one of their own..?" From this innocent proposition has grown a web and print graphic design consultancy of global repute - a business of which he is justly proud.

Website: www.3bweb.com/meet-the-team/alex-bremer.html
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