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    Product: Pivotal tracker

    Price: Starting at $7 per month

    Pivotal tracker - a "lightweight" project management tool. Users can create a virtual room and invite everyone to participate in it, to streamline and simplify jobs and tasks. Pivotal Tracker also provides an automatic prediction system for milestone completion dates which can be incredibly useful. Built in colour charts and diagrams are helpful in monitoring each element of their project at a glance, while a full text search feature helps you to search for specific entries quickly. Labels can also be added and mockup files attached so developers can find them right away.

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    Product: ZenDesk

    Price: $29 per month per agent


    No matter what side you sit on it, dealing with a support desk can be a frustrating process – hard for the company, hard for the customer. Making the process a little less painful is ZenDesk, the web 2.0 application for help desks and customer support. Simplified, easy to intuit forms make ZenDesk a time-saving platform for both enterprise, and the customer.


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    Product: Google Apps

    Price: Free

    Google Apps for Business offers powerful messaging and collaboration applications that help meet business needs for companies and organisations of all sizes. Google Apps provide several intuitive applications such as: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc. which all can help reduce your IT costs without heavy IT investments.

  • News

    Last year Clapham Junction’s Digital TimeLords Jack & Alex Bremer attended an extraordinary retrospective of album artwork from the prolific and influential design studio of Hipgnosis – most particularly featuring the work of the mighty Storm Thorgerson.

    Alex was afforded an extended, personal and insightful interview with the man himself, and his interview features on the wonderful fan site of Storm’s most prominent and celebrated beneficiaries, Pink Floyd.

    Read the full report here >>

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    Product: Nutshell Mail

    Price: Free


    With so many social media sites out there it is difficult to stay on top of them all without spending a huge amount of time going through them all. This is where Nutshell Mail comes in, they provide a single email which will come up to 24 times per day to update you on all your social networking accounts. They cover Facebook, Linkedln, YouTube, Foursquare, Twitter, MySpace, Yelp and Citysearch. This service is very quick to sign up to and enables you to manage your time very effectively.

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    Product: Flavors Me

    Pricing: Free unless you use the upgraded service which is $20 per annum

    Flavors Me - A cost effective way to build your own unique web-space quickly and without extensive design experience. Flavors Me not only simplifies the process, but allows users to get their site created in a matter of minutes. Anyone can build a stylish, eye-catching web-space quickly and easily through Flavors Me.


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    Product: MailChimp

    Price: Free for up to 2000 subscribers

    The amusingly-named MailChimp email marketing service is a cheap and effective way to help you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. It's like your own personal publishing platform. Rather that just sending an email newsletters out and hoping for the best with MailChimp you can monitor the activity of the subscribers making it easy to track the success of your campaign.

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    Product: Geckoboard

    Price: $9+ per month with 30 day free trial


    Business is sometimes described as a game of numbers (well, it should be) - your own strengths may happen to be numbers, but more often than not we find that a head full of stats for every aspect of your performance can hinder rather than help. Geckoboard to the rescue!

  • Case Studies

    Every now and then a simple factor such as budgetary expense affords a development agency the opportunity to think a little more creatively in terms of leveraging existing and “free” online tools and platforms.

    The recently launched “Health Factor” initiative by Southwark Council here in London, UK is exactly that kind of opportunity. Southwark have come up with a unique and exciting Social Engagement programme whereby local residents in need of a “health overhaul” are identified and mentored on a journey of personal improvement over the coming weeks.

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    Product: 123-reg

    Price: From £2.99 per year (.co.uk) £9.99 per year (.com)

    123-reg is the largest domain provider in the UK, selling domains at a very good price as well as providing excellent hosting. This is a perfect place to start when wanting to set up a website.

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