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    The organisers of a Group Exhibition in May are looking for a civicly-minded photographer to document and capture a series of workshops to be held in Battersea & Clapham in two local youth clubs and a primary school, as well as in Bow at a famous social enterprise community centre.

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    Welcome to Lorraine Heller

    30 April 2013 Written by Alex Bremer

    If there's one resource the whole Digital Industry seems to be constantly short of it's decent Copywriters & Content Strategists. I don't mean someone who can throw together a few choice words and terms, but someone who really understands Content Strategy as part of a sales pipeline and long term SEO strategy.


    I'm delighted to note that we've got some terrific examples of this rare breed right here in Silicon Junction, and today we add to that tally to the tune of one Lorraine Heller - @LorraineHeller.

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    Once upon a time only big companies had the luxury to pay software developers thousands of pounds to integrate their software together. Low cost business apps paid on a small monthly subscription now means even a one man band can enjoy his bank talking to his accounting system which talks to his CRM which emails his news letters.

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    The "Soft Power" of Branding

    19 November 2012 Written by Alex Bremer

    There's a fascinating feature by @emilydugan in this weekend's @Independent On Sunday that I really felt should resonate with those charged with Brand Engagement - most especially in Social Media. It's great to see that, in terms of "Soft Power" influence Britain is now officially the "most powerful nation on earth", and when reading through the parameters and criteria upon which these things are judged it occurs to me that every brand looking to properly engage with it's public could do well to take these factors on board.

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