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    3B Digital are looking to appoint a Support Developer at their Clapham Junction studios in Battersea.


    The appointed applicant needs some working knowledge of HTML and especially CSS and will be required to manage our client portal in a support role. Some knowledge of Open Source platforms such as Joomla & Drupal will be of benefit.

    Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or see 3bweb.com/jobs for more details.

  • News

    Our great friends at Motherlode have launched an exciting new kickstarter project, "Renegade Inc." -  a new mainstream media platform which creates and broadcasts content aimed at those who think differently.  Its mission is to inform, illuminate and inspire, focusing initially on three sectors: entrepreneurship, self-learning and the arts.


    "Today the world is changing faster and more fundamentally than ever before. So now we need the opinions and ideas of many different thinkers, artists, economists and businesspeople who we feel should get more airtime. In fact, at a time when the world needs sensible alternatives, their opinions are vital."

  • Opinion

    Clapham's Render Positive have produced a brief outline of why a commitment to  Content Marketing is so crutial.

  • News

    Terrific news this morning regarding the regeneration and development of the Nine Elms Battersea area - the Government has agreed to the £1bn Northern Line extension.

  • Opinion

    3B Digital's Alex Bremer read with interest today a short piece by Rhodri Marsden in the iPaper relating to his own frsutration with targeted advertising. To be fair this frustration is shared by many but it is worth a moment to consider the alternative; a return to the mass untargeted "carpet-bomb" approach of just a few years ago.


    Alex makes the point that he'd "much rather be exposed to messages and brands that I'm actually interested in than those that mean nothing" to him.

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